The Top five points when you’re starting on Google Ads.

February 1, 2024

As a new business owner, tradesman, or entrepreneur, you must know the importance of advertising your business on Google Ads.

Google currently caters for 94.56% of all searches in Australia, with its nearest rival, Bing, having a paltry 3.65%. Google’s dominance has been steady in the last few years, with little signs of things changing.

Google’s massive market share makes it essential to display your business prominently to ensure a steady string of leads. Google Ads is ideally suited to reach your target audience in the perfect location and drive more traffic to your website.

If you are inexperienced with using Google Ads, it can be daunting. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tips that can help you get started with advertising on Google Ads.

1. Define your goals

The first step in advertising on Google Ads is to define your goals. It would be best to clearly understand what you want to achieve through your advertising campaign. Whether it is to increase website traffic, generate leads, or boost sales – your goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic. Once you have defined your goals, you can create a strategy that aligns with your objectives and helps you achieve your desired outcomes. 

2. Conduct keyword research

Keywords are the backbone of Google Ads. They are the words or phrases that people use to search for products and services on Google. To create an effective ad campaign, you must conduct keyword research to identify the keywords that your target audience is using. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to find relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition. While some keywords you want to target may have a high top-of-page bid, it is usually for a reason. These keywords are often high-converting. High-converting keywords with low competition will provide more leads at a lower price.

3. Create compelling ad copy 

Your ad copy is the first impression that your potential customers will have of your business. It is essential to create ad copy that is compelling, relevant, and engaging. You should tailor your ad copy to your target audience and highlight the benefits of your products or services. Google Ads now allows AI to auto-update ad headlines and copy, which can lead to higher conversion but can also be risky if your industry has strict compliance standards to adhere to. 

Use action-oriented language, include a call-to-action, and use ad extensions like site links, callouts, and reviews to enhance your ad’s visibility and appeal. 

4. Optimise your landing pages

Your landing pages are the web pages your potential customers land on after clicking your ad. You must optimise your landing pages to ensure that your ad campaign is successful. Your landing pages should be relevant to your ad copy and provide your potential customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision. 

Use clear and concise headlines, compelling images or videos, and a clear call-to-action to improve your landing page’s conversion rate. 

5. Monitor and optimise your campaign 

Once your ad campaign is live, monitoring its performance and optimising it for better results is essential. Use Google Ads’ reporting tools to track your campaign metrics, including clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost-per-click. Identify areas that need improvement and make changes to your ad copy, keywords, or landing pages to improve your campaign’s performance. Review your search terms, add negative keywords to minimise junk, and teach Google what clicks you are after.

Continuously monitor your campaign and make adjustments to ensure it delivers the desired results. 

In conclusion, advertising on Google Ads can be a powerful tool to drive website traffic and increase sales. Google Ads is an enormous platform that you can use to reach people all over the world or only people in your local suburb. By following these five tips, you can create an effective ad campaign that helps you achieve your business goals. Remember to define your goals, conduct keyword research, develop compelling ad copy, optimise your landing pages, and monitor and optimise your campaign for better results.

If you want to speak to a professional about managing your Google ads, please get in touch with us anytime.


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