AI Is Going Big In 2019 – Talk To A Real Person

April 15, 2019

So what are the big digital trends of 2019? Future predicting is a risky business, particularly when it comes to the world of digital and technology. The latest thing is old hat in a blink of an eye and sleeping in can mean you missed the revolution. One thing you can hang your hat on though is that Artifical Intelligence will continue to penetrate every element of business and the digital world.

Artificial intelligence being developed here in Australia is having some amazingly positive impact. New technology such as automating insulin dosing, developed at the University of Queensland recommends insulin dosage based on machine learning and the mining of medical records of people with diabetes. The breakthrough will allow for better and more accurate treatment than has previously been possible. Advancement in technology such as this demonstrate why AI will continue to have an ever-increasing influence on every aspect of our lives.

Artificial Intelligences evolution has been put into hyperdrive ever since the internet became accessible. The need to have lots of people writing code has exposed millions of people to the fundamentals of writing software. Artificial Intelligence always involves the writing of a software program, the more advanced the AI, the more detailed the software will be.

So how is AI going to affect the digital world in 2019? Probably the one we are all starting to become familiar with is the chatbot. Many of us would have engaged in a conversation with a chatbot at some point. I can’t speak for everyone, but so far my experience has been ordinary. I have found the experience very inhuman, often the first thing a chatbot says is, “Hey, I’m a chatbot and still learning.” That sort of greeting tells me that you are a robot and can’t possibly help me in any meaningful way; you are even prewarning me that there is a fair chance you’ll be useless.

So the technology is new, and no doubt will get better. Big business, universities, banks and government organisations are all investing in the technology, so we can be confident we will see more of it, and it will get better. The 24/7 ability to provide information and resolution to customers with a series of tailored responses is a far cheaper way to provided customer service than using a real person.

Gartner recently predicted that in two years that as much as 25% of customer service queries in Australia will involve chatbots. It seems that the days of speaking to a real person are slowly becoming a relic of the past.


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