Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Say Thank You

January 10, 2024

What is the most commonly underutilised, yet most valuable page on your website? The “Thank You” page, so often overlooked as meaningless yet it is the one page you can be entirely sure you have a customers complete and undivided attention. They have just engaged in the action the website is designed to facilitate, and all you give them is the big “Thanks for coming,” message — a classic example of a missed opportunity.

Most “Thank You” pages say little more than thank you we will be in touch shortly, we have all seen them, all been completely underwhelmed by them. So what should a “Thank You” page do to best capitalise on the opportunity? It depends a little on what you are thanking the customer for, was it a purchase, and application, signup or a new lead. I’ll discuss a few of the possibilities.

Up Sale
Just after a customer makes a purchase is an excellent time for an upsell. The hard part is complete, and you successfully managed to get the customer to open their wallet, why not offer a limited time offer or discount that is just too tempting for a customer to refuse.

Sign Up
Having just opted into your business is the perfect time to get a customer to opt-in further. Ask customers to join up to your newsletter, share some content or join you on your chosen social platform.

Collect Data
You often see conversion or sales forms ask research questions during the checkout process. Keep your conversion form simple and to the point, the longer the form, the more significant the drop-off. If there are questions you would like to ask your customers the thank you page can be a great place to ask.

Reinforce The Sale
It’s possible that after a customer converts they get hit with buyer remorse, they ponder if they have just made the correct decision. On you “Thank You” page make sure your customers don’t experience cold feet, reassure them that the decision they just made was a wise one and they are in safe hands. Make sure they understand precisely when and what happens next.

Drive Repeat Sales
Directly after a sale is the best time to follow up with an incentive to reorder. Offering your customers a time-constrained discount straight after purchase is a fantastic way to increase sales.

Make Cash
Yes, that’s right you can make money from your “Thank You” page. If your “Thank You” page is generating lots of traffic it can be a good idea to place third-party advertising on it, particularly if the advertising supports your product offering. If third-party advertising isn’t for you than you could use your “Thank You” page to generate revenue for your favourite charities, such as offering to add a percentage of their purchase price to a favourite charity, helping to build trust and goodwill in the eyes of your customers.

These are just a handful of ways you could start to get more out of your “Thank You ” page, but the possibilities are endless.


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