Propagate started the journey at the beginning with Bared. Small sales out of the back of the boot turned into massive online flash sales. Propagate escorted and supported Bared on the journey from boutique to behemoth.

The most recent iteration of the Bared website was kitted up to move into the world of enterprise data and traffic. To make provision for the ever increasing size of the online sales required not just a rebuild of the site but also a rebuild of the network infrastructure that supports it. Multiple and growing retail outlets stock tracking, customer spend and gift cards in sync with webstore purchases… All part of the fun of rapid, massive growth.


  • Lightspeed POS API integration
  • Custom flash sale capability
  • Stock syncing with multiple retail POS systems
  • Gift card instore and online redemption
  • Expandable cloud infrastructure with load balancing


  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Icon Moon SVG font creation
  • Angular JS
  • Phalcon PHP
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure


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