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Do we need to convince you that more and more of your customers are using their mobile phones to browse the internet?

It is a well established reality that more and more people are accessing your site via their smart phone or tablet devices. Thankfully technological advances with smart phones and tablets has seen web frameworks and conventions follow.

Catering to this new type of customer with something other than simply a smaller version of your website is vital to the success of creating an enjoyable end-user experience.

Propagate have the capability to build responsive websites (automatically adapting the site to provide optimal user experience across all devices) or building a standalone mobile version of your site. A mobile version of a site should try to deliver optimal content that is relevant to them in that time and location, in the case of a mobile browser this includes easy access to store locations, products, buying capability, gathering customer information and unique mobile phone visitor offers.

The mobile experience for the customer is the first part of the puzzle although we find many of our clients have already invested heavily in their site and CMS systems and are not wanting to start the entire process again. Propagate can provide cost effective solutions in delving you a smart phone and tablet optimised website that can plug into your existing CMS system.

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