what do we do?


We deliver an amazing digital asset in the form of a custom built web site and online shopping experience.

We have a mantra at propagate,

  • Originate,
  • Initiate,
  • Facilitate &
  • Proliferate,

What that means is that our services don't begin and end with a good looking web site. Our clients need a digital asset that delivers real commercial value in line with where they are going as a business not just where they are right now.

We have the skills and expertise in house to understand your strategic and operational issues before anyone goes near a keyboard.


Before kicking off a project it is important we understand your end goals, what should the site be doing after we launch:
  • How will we target and engage your customers online via your website?
  • How are we going to maximise your website's conversion rates?
  • How do we exceed your sales targets?
  • How will we measure success?
Determining the end goal is the first step in the successful development of your online assets and are the core requirement in determining strategy, design, development, implementation, post launch reporting, SEO, EDM and social marketing.


With a static long term plan and brief we are ready to craft a world class user experience (UX).

The design process not only involves creating a pleasing aesthetic but also identifying the type of user engaging with the interface and then mapping out their journeys. Creating wireframes of the users journeys helps to prevent a trial and error approach when designing and developing the interface.

Initially we use a collaborative approach engaging all stakeholders to test out ideas ensures we are keeping it simple and minimising clicks.

Built into our design ethos is that good digital design translates into positive numbers for our clients.


Taking it off the paper and into reality requires development processes that ensures a fantastic result that will avoid you redeveloping all over again in a years time.

Propagate has been operating in the digital spectrum for 10 years now and in this time we have developed our own development philosophies that ensure longevity and value for money from our clients. Understanding how things should work under the hood is our specialty and we pride ourselves on getting the solution right from the outset. We have extensive experience integrating with open source software, proprietary software and creating our own custom built apps.


At Propagate our job doesn't finish with the launch of new site. A truly successful outcome for us is reliant on achieving the initial end goals and measurable business objectives such as:
  • Sales, conversions
  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • A top ranking on Google and or more website traffic
  • An effective social media presence
  • A larger customer database
  • Streamlines and more efficient business processes
  • Effective and reliable hardware and software support and maintenance